A Tribute to Ebi and Iranian Poetry

The Persian language is the language of poetry, and its music rich and profound. On the 13th of April 2019, the Roxy theatre in Ulm, Germany was the site of a unique and unforgettable event. Writer and director Yasmine Asha, journalist and author Natalie Amiri, actor Navid Navid, and musicians Manne Schlaier and Mike Knehr had come together to pay tribute to Iranian poetry and legendary Iranian pop star and singer, Ebi.

Exploring Ebi’s Musical Legacy

Ebi’s music has been banned in Iran since the Islamic Revolution, yet his influence and popularity continues to captivate audiences all over the world, and he has performed in numerous countries across Europe, Asia, America, and Australia, including the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Sydney Opera House.

Bridging Cultures through Music and Verse

At the event in Ulm, Natalie and Navid recited Ebis lyrics to the audience, while Manne and Mike presented the songs in instrumental versions for guitar and piano. The lyrics spoke of love, social and political justice, and the equality of men and women, and the audience related to the beautiful poetry and metaphors. The event created an intimate, poetic atmosphere on the stage and in the audience, and united people of all ages and backgrounds in their interest in the Iranian culture and Ebi’s music.
The audience was visibly moved by the performance, with some moments filled with laughter and others with tears. Ebi’s music has long been an inspiration to many, and this event in Ulm was an amazing way to pay tribute to the singer and his art. Many of the attendees said that it was a unique experience that had made them appreciate and love Ebi’s music and Iranian poetry more.
Encouraged by the success of the event, the organizers have announced plans to bring the project to different cities in Germany in 2023-2024. It is hoped that this will help to bring the Persian culture to a wider audience and to foster mutual understanding and tolerance.


Our Team

Yasmine asha
Iranian-Dutch visual storyteller Yasmine Asha works as a published photographer, screenwriter, and award-winning director with global clients on fashion photography, music videos, documentaries, and films. Her photography has been featured in books and magazines, and her music video ‘Two Windows’ and her film ‘Trespassers’ have won multiple International Awards.
natalie amiri
Moderator | Speaker
The German-Iranian renowned author and journalist, television presenter, and graduate orientalist, Nathalie Amiri has been presenting the World Mirror from Munich, as well as the BR Europe Magazine euroblick. She headed the ARD studio in Tehran from 2015 to April 2020.
navid navid
Moderator | Speaker
As an Iranian-German actor and director, Navid starred in several films and theatre productions, including his leading roles in the German film “Fremder Freund” and the Austrian “For a Moment Freedom”. He co-starred with Adrien Brody and Salma Hayek in the Hollywood production “Septembers of Shiraz”. As a director, he has won multiple awards. He also works as a voice actor and guest teacher.
Mike knehr
Piano | Arrangements
As a musicican and pianist, the German Mike Knehr has been a permanent pianist and keyboarder in the band of the Persian singer Ebi since 1995. He is responsible for the piano arrangements of “The Lion’s Fur”.
Dr. phil. m. amipour
The Iranian- German former Teaching Associate for Persian Language and Literature at the Universities of Cologne and Bonn, Dr. Manutschehr Amirpur was responsible for translating the Persian poetry into German.
Manne schlaier
Idea | Concept | Guitar
German musician Manne Schlaier is part of Ebi’s band since 1993. He is responsible for the idea, concept, guitar, musical direction and arrangements of “The Lion’s Fur”.