Terms & Conditions – YasminE Asha

  • These terms and conditions govern all agreements between the photographer and its clients. The photographer does not accept any other terms unless agreed upon in writing.
  • If any part of these terms is found to be invalid, the rest of the terms still apply.
  • Any changes to these terms must be agreed upon in writing.
  • Clients accept these terms upon reservation or booking.
  • Clients must promptly provide all necessary information for smooth assignments.
Travel expenses
  • Client bears the photographer’s travel expenses, based on a mileage allowance.
  • Rates: €0.25 per kilometer up to 50 km and €0.35 per kilometer beyond 50 km (one way) from Utrecht, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Maximum shooting duration is 8 hours; overtime incurs additional charges.
  • Any delays or disruptions caused by the client may result in additional charges or adjustments to the shoot schedule.
  • In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the shoot, 75% of the agreed price will be charged.
  • The photographer reserves the right to refuse or terminate the shoot if the client fails to adhere to agreed-upon terms or behaves in a manner that compromises safety or professionalism.
  • The cost of acquiring a color background specifically for the shoot will be billed at 50% of the purchase price, while any materials procured specifically for the shoot will be fully charged to the customer at 100% of the purchase price.


    Selection and Post-processing

  • By default, the photographer selects the images that are provided to the client by default.
  • The photographer retains creative control over the final selection of images and editing style, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  • If the client chooses to be involved in selecting the images for editing, the photographer will make a selection within one week after the shoot. This selection will be sent to the client in low resolution through digital transfer.
  • Unedited photos submitted for selection are not authorized for publication.
  • Once orders are placed, they are considered final and cannot be cancelled.
  • The photographer provides the edited images to the client within four weeks after the client has made their selection.
  • Edited photos are digitally delivered.
  • The client may request post-processing adjustments once within one week after receiving the photos.
  • The client may not edit or authorize edits to the image without prior written agreement.
  • The photographer is responsible for backing up and storing the images during the shoot, while the client is responsible for their own backup after delivery.

    Copyright and usage rights

  • The photographer retains all copyright and intellectual property rights to all works created during the assignment.
  • For editorial use of the images, the photographer’s name must always be credited.
  • Usage of the images is agreed upon in advance via written communication, such as email or a quote.
  • Any expansion of usage beyond the agreed terms requires the client to obtain a new price agreement from the photographer.
  • In the event of unauthorized usage, the photographer reserves the right to invoice the client with a 200% fine to compensate for damages incurred.
  • Payment of compensation does not grant the client further rights to use the photographer’s work.
  • The photographer reserves the right to use the images for their own commercial and promotional purposes, including but not limited to website, exhibitions, advertisements, and social media, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Any objections to the publication of portraits must be communicated to the photographer in writing prior to the agreement.
  • The client acknowledges that the photographer may use their images for promotional purposes unless otherwise specified in writing.
Force of the major
  • If unforeseen circumstances, such as force majeure or illness, prevent the photographer from fulfilling the assignment, they reserve the right to cancel all or part of the assignment. Invoicing will be adjusted accordingly.
  • In the event of force majeure, the client acknowledges that the photographer cannot be held liable for compensation.

  • The photographer holds no liability for damages to the client, except in cases of intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence by the photographer or their representatives.
  • The photographer is not responsible for color variations on non-calibrated screens or prints not provided by the photographer.
  • Liability is capped at the total amount stated in the invoice.
  • The photographer reserves the right to modify or add to these terms and conditions.
  • Any changes will be promptly and formally communicated to the client in writing. If the client disagrees with proposed changes, they may terminate the agreement before the new terms take effect.